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Lactation Consultations
Feeding the Baby

Breastfeeding is a learned skill.

We're passionate about you reaching your feeding goals. 

Areas we can help with:

  • Breast and nipple pain

  • Difficulty latching

  • Poor feeding, slow weight gain

  • Low milk supply

  • Oversupply or overactive let-down

  • Plugged ducts, engorgement and mastitis

  • Tongue and lip tie assessment and referral

  • Post tie release rehabilitation

  • Pumping by choice or necessity

  • Bottle feeding, including refusal

  • Inducing lactation and relactation

  • Planning for going back to work

If you're just not enjoying your feeding experience, we can help!

Mother with her Baby

How does a lactation consultation work?

1. Schedule an appointment from my online booking page (or call us if you prefer or run into any issues at 507-204-5855)

2. After you schedule, you will receive a confirmation from us and an email asking you to complete an intake and consent form that gives me important information for the visit

3. Both home and office visits will last about 1.5-2 hours for an initial visit and 1 hour for a follow up.  For home visits, we'll arrive at your home at or near the scheduled time (sometimes a previous visit may run long or we misjudge travel time - we'll try my best to arrive on time!) . We will provide you with a detailed care plan and ongoing support for 2 weeks. 

4. A virtual visit will be completed using a secure video platform, information will be sent to your email, simply use the link to log on at the scheduled time.  Virtual visits are typically shorter, expect around 1 hour. You will complete the same intake form that we use for all clients and also receive 2 weeks of ongoing support
  • Initial Lactation Consultation

    • For new clients needing help with any lactation related concerns, a comprehensive evaluation of you and baby with detailed care plan​

      • In Home - $200​

      • In Office - $150

  • Follow up Consultation​​

    • For existing clients only. Many times follow-up visits are helpful for ongoing evaluation and support.​ Things can change quickly in the early days of breastfeeding!

      • In Home - $150​

      • In Office - $100

  • Pumping and Flange Fitting Consultation

    • A visit for those who are exclusively pumping or want to discuss only pumping at the visit. This includes fitting you for flanges by trying on a variety of sizes to determine which is the best for you (this is by far the most accurate way to flange fit in our experience). We will also discuss your pumping routine, answer questions about your pump or others you're wondering about and discuss any milk supply issues related to pumping. 

      • In Office - $75​

  • Prenatal Lactation Consultation

    • A visit to discuss your lactation related concerns before baby arrives. Ideal for those with a history of lactation challenges or other medical conditions that may impact lactation. This can also be a personalized breastfeeding education session.​

      • In Office or Virtual - $150​​

  • Virtual Lactation Consultations (All types)

    • The same type of visits offered as above, but in a virtual format via a secure telehealth platform. Virtual visits are typically shorter (around 1 hour) but can be just as helpful for a wide variety of issues!​

      • Initial Visit - $100​

      • Follow Up - $75

  • Weaning Consultation

    • This is a visit dedicated to helping you prepare for weaning.  The end of your breastfeeding journey can look alot of different ways and we're happy to help you navigate it! 

      • In Office or Virtual - $50​

There is a $25.00 additional charge for all visits involving multiple babies. 

Does insurance cover these services?

Drop Only Logo.png

I partner with Lactation Network to offer coverage for lactation consultations by some insurance providers. 


Current plans Lactation Network works with are:  Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Anthem BCBS PPO, Cigna PPO and United PPO.  

To find out if your insurance qualifies for coverage through Lactation Network, you can fill out the form linked below.  If you qualify, Lactation Network will approve you for up to 3 consultations at no cost to you.

Shortly after submitting your information, we will both receive an email saying if you've been approved.  Your visit needs to be approved by Lactation Network BEFORE the visit occurs for it to be covered - but since this typically happens pretty quickly, you can go ahead and schedule your appointment while you wait for approval.  We can reschedule if there is any delay in approval.   

They're supposed to, but it's complicated. 
The good news is, I have a couple options and I'm here to help!
Don't have one of these insurances?
Your insurance may still cover all or part of the visit. 

If you have any other insurance plans or another form of coverage (health sharing, etc.) I will ask for payment in full at the time of service via credit card, check, or cash and provide you with an appropriately coded superbill for you to submit to your company for reimbursement. I am not currently in-network with any insurance company.


Under the Affordable Care Act, lactation services are supposed to be covered by insurance, however I can't guarantee this will be the case for you.  Some families prefer to call their insurance company ahead of time and try to get pre-approval. See below for helpful hints on working with your insurance company. 

Any questions about this process?   Email me at:

I offer discounts for clients in need. If you need help but can't afford our services or are concerned about insurance reimbursements please reach out to me to discuss options.

Under the Affordable Care Act of 2010 - Preventative health services for women including "Comprehensive lactation support and counseling, by a trained provider during pregnancy and/or in the postpartum period, and costs for renting breastfeeding equipment" are supposed to be covered with no cost-sharing to the patient.  However, from what I know from others in the field, this is often difficult to achieve with insurance companies who find many reasons to deny reimbursement.  I will do whatever I can to help you get your bills reimbursed.  I encourage you to call your insurance company and ask about your coverage in advance. 


There is a helpful resource about your rights under the Affordable Care Act at:

Both lactation services and postpartum support services may be eligible for HSA/FSA reimbursement, please check with your specific plan for details.  

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